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ICP Activities

Webinar Series

ICP Webinars feature experts talking about substantive topics or providing information and discussion.

Interest Groups

ICP members come together in self-organized Interest Groups to pursue common interests.

 Area Chairs

Area Chairs encourage colleauges in their country or region to interact, collaborate, and benefit from ICP

More Activities

The ICP membership voted overwhelmingly to adopt new bylaws.

In addition to clarifying language, moving procedural instructions to a Handbook, and bringing the Bylaws to date to reflect current practice, the Bylaws include some changes to memership categories and ICP structure. Here is a short summary:

1. Changes to Membership Categories/Names

  1. ICP has three types of membership:
    1. ICP Member (psychologist, recognized in own national system) 
    2. ICP Associate Member (professional in profession allied to psychology, or human rights advocate)
    3. ICP Student Member (student in psychology program of study leading to a degree as psychologist, or in applied profession with psychological focus)

2. Changes to ICP Structure

  1. The ICP Office of Secretary (elected) has been combined with the Office of Secretary-General (appointed). The Secretary-General, along with the President, Past President, President Elect and Treasurer constitute the Officers.
  2. The elected Board has been defined as the Officers plus 9 elected Directors at Large, 1 appointed Student Representative, and 1 appointed parliamentarian.
  3. The Extended Board has been defined as including all additional Standing Committee chairs, sub-committee chairs, and Historian/Archivist.
  4. Standing Committees are: Awards, Finance, Membership, Nominations & Elections, Publications & Communications. Other committees are defined in the ICP Handbook.
  5. The UN Representation is listed as a separate category (it is no longer a “committee:”) 

In addition, the new bylaws clarify the expectations and duties of each of the elected positions. Other expectations and clarifications will be in the ICP Handbook (under revision).


Resources for International Psychology: 75 years of the international Council of Psychologists

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