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ICP Call for Interest Groups!!

A longstanding tradition at ICP is the development of Interest Groups.
Interest Groups are informal groupings of members who are interested in pursuing a common topic.  Interest groups meet to plan activities such as a research project, a panel for the ICP Conference, a webinar, a bibliography, or an article for the ICP newsletter.

At the ICP 2019 Conference, a session has been scheduled for Interest Group Round Tables

Those interested in leading / joining an interest group should send a possible interest group title, a short description of the issue or topic, and their contact information to the Interest Group Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome note from Interest Group Coordinator

A compiled list of interest group possibilities will be circulated to the ICP membership.

Current Interest Groups include:

  • Cross-Cultural/Interdisciplinary Study on Wellness of Human Beings (Co-Chairs: Naoki Asazuma, Machiko Fukuhara, Ann O'Roark)
    The purpose of this Interest Group is to carry out a cross-cultural/interdisciplinary study on human beings for their Wellness. The emphasis is on scientific, evidence based study to explore knowledge about human beings with which transfer to use for them in their real life situation (knowledge in to action). The first topic (presented in a symposium at ICP2019) is Individual and Group Factors Impacting Human Wellbeing
  • Endangered people and children in human rights (Chair Sandra E. S. Neil)
    This interest group has participated in annual "Human Rights" summits (series of papers or symposia at ICP conferences). See List of ICP Human Rights Summits
  • Leadership Network (Chair Jean Lau Chin)
    This interest group has been meeting for three years and is engaging in collaborative research and publications on international anddiverse leadership. Members meet at the ICP conferences in person and via ZOOM.

Pending Interest Groups incude

  • United Nations (Co-Chairs Florence Denmark and Janet Sigal)
    This group is led by ICP representatives at the United Nations and will explore the structure and functioning of the UN and how psychologists can bring psycohlogical perspectives to UN activities and initiatives, especially the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Human Rights Network (pending)
    The Network (Psychologists for Human Rights) will develop resoures and information about human rights for use in psychology teaching, research and advocacy.


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