Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Award for Encouragement of Early Career Research

Application deadline:April 15, 2020

The Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of Early Career Research Award recognizes outstanding early career contributions to scholarly endeavors addressing psychological issues of a universal or multinational significance. It is designed to encourage research that systematically addresses the psychological dimensions affecting the quality of human life, and to enhance and reinforce the mission and goals of ICP. For the purpose of this award, “research” is broadly defined to include all paradigms of scholarly endeavor, such as laboratory experiments, field experiments, field studies, correlation and evaluation studies, historical studies and case histories. The recipient is expected to present an address at the 2020 ICP annual convention that relates to his/her research.

Award description

  • An honorarium for $200 USD, an award certificate and an award plaque
  • An invitation to present at the December, 2020 ICP conference in Cancun, Mexico, with waived conference registration
  • Waived ICP Membership fee for the rest of 2020 and 2021 (18 months)

Criteria for eligibility

The recipient must be a psychologist who has no more than seven (10) years postdoctoral experience, or a student. Nominations  are invited from all over the world.

Nomination materials and procedure 

  • Nomination must be made here
  • Materials include:
    • Uploaded manuscript (PDF) of a professional paper based primarily on the applicant's own work; Nominee must be first or sole author on the paper; Nominee's contribution must be greater than 50%; Paper must not have been published elsewhere but can be based on Nominee's unpublished bachelor, master, diploma, or dissertation research; Paper must follow APA publication format; Length of paper cannot exceed 25 double-spaced pages including abstract, references, figures, and tables;
    • Nominee's curriculum vita (PDF only);
    • Names of providers ot two letters of support stipulating why the applicant is deserving of the award (letters may uploaded with application or submitted separately to: Dr. Cecilia Cheng, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.);
    • Certification by the Nominee that the material presented is original and is primarily the Nominee's own work, that the Nominee's contribution to the paper is greater than 50% (where there are multiple authors), that the material has not been previously published, and that the Nominee agrees to present the paper at the 2019 ICP conference.

Paper selection criteria:

The paper’s logic, its purpose, its methodology, its universal or multinational significance, contribution to the development of international psychology, and contribution to the development of human well-being.

For inquiries, please contact the award chair, Prof. Cecilia Cheng, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Past Recipients - Sukemune/Bain Award

2018   Dr. Anusha Kassan, University of Calary, Canada
2017   Dr. Swati Bajpai, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, INDIA
2016   Dr. Hiroaki Kawamichi from Gunma University, JAPAN
2015   Mr. Joshua Wright, University of Western Ontario, CANADA
2014   Dr. Melody Chao, Hong Kong U. Science & Technology CHINA
2013   Dr. Angela K.Y. Leung, Singapore Management University, SINGAPORE
2012   Dr. Diana Boer, Bremen, GERMANY
2004   Ms. Mikayo Ando, Health Science Laboratory, Gakugei University, Tokyo, JAPAN
Psychological Factors and the Impact of Intervention on Japanese Adolescent Aggressive Behaviors
2002   Ms. Serena Cheng, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, TAIWAN
Different voices from two Asian nations : Social relationships among Taiwanese and Japanese college students.
2001   Ms. Yumi Suzuki, Nagoya University, JAPAN
Cross-cultural comparability in the relationship of attribution for academic success and failure with self-esteem and self-consciousness.
2000   Dr. Ng Aik Kwang, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE
Why creators are dogmatic people, “nice” people are not creative, and creative people are not “nice.”
1999   Dr. Cecilia Cheng, Division Social Science, The Hong Kong University, HONG KONG
Social Relations and Psychological Distress: Toward a variability approach to subclinical depression.
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